assess your marketing strengths

introducing skillsfinder (TM). we have created the ultimate aptitude test for the marketing and advertising sector. aimed at students, graduates and early stage professionals who need help choosing the right career path in this busy and ever changing field.

find out what roles might fit you best

we have studied hundreds of marketing profiles and have come up with a set of 16 common competencies that successful marketers possess. these represent a comprehensive framework designed to assess strengths and areas for growth across a range of essential skills and attributes.

we collaborate with top business schools to guide students on the right career path

proudly supporting 24ORE Business School in Milan, a leader in postgraduate business education, and hundreds of their ma marketing students, find the right career path in marketing.

I wanted to be a brand manager but skillsfinder suggested agency side roles too. now I'm working for an influencer marketing agency and I love it!

jason – marketing communications graduate

why is this assessment important?

know yourself better

this survey helps individuals gauge their adaptability and agility, essential traits in navigating constant change.

strategic decision making

The marketing and advertising sector relies heavily on strategic planning and analytical thinking. This survey assesses an individual's ability to make informed decisions, a critical aspect of success in this industry.

effective communication

Effective communication and interpersonal skills are pivotal for collaboration and conveying ideas in the advertising and marketing sector. The survey evaluates these skills, helping professionals understand and improve their communication abilities.

competitive edge

In a highly competitive field, having a clear understanding of one's strengths and areas for development can provide a competitive edge. This survey equips individuals with insights that enable them to stand out and advance in their careers.

career guidance

Professionals can use the survey results to guide their career trajectories. Whether it's identifying areas for improvement or recognising their strengths, this information can inform decisions about training, networking, and job opportunities.

the process

1. submit survey

take the skillsfinder test and submit your results. remember to be true to yourself when answering, this will give you the most insightful results.

2.receive report

one of our certified career coaches will review your responses and create a customised report.

3. let's talk

we set up a 1 hr one to one coaching session to review your results and discuss next steps for you.