reinventing the way marketers work and communicate

support your marketing and sales teams to create better strategies and deploy them faster. Improve employee communication and business English. All within ccoach's business transformation ecosystem.

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of individuals who receive coaching, benefit from improved work performance, and more effective communication skills


of small business owners agree coaching has a direct impact on their growth and the chances for their businesses to thrive


marketing efficiency provided by our solution. measured in time savings for internal and cross cultural communication

fully managed service

create a fully customised ai assistant

our platform acts as a comprehensive tool for learning and development, allowing your team to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

with ccoach, create your own marketing assistant, trained with a blend of our expert marketing data and your unique company insights, all while incorporating distinct visuals and customisation options. empower your business, regardless of size, with a functioning marketing assistant that operates round the clock, transforming your marketing output and fostering continuous growth and learning within your organisation.

custom ai chatbot

with your unique branding and data

our platform, built on advanced ai natural language models and infused with ccoach's proprietary know how, leverages millions of owned data sets to offer unparalleled marketing and communication support.

for companies

increase your company's marketing efficiency

boost your company's marketing performance with ccoach, a powerful tool designed to enhance your team's capabilities across all aspects of marketing. eary adopters in the corporate sector report an improved marketing efficiency between 25-30% thanks to the insights provided by our ai. with ccoach, your employees can craft superior marketing strategies, optimise campaigns effectively, and gain deeper insights from reports.
enhance content creation for every marketing touchpoint, write more compelling sales emails, and improve cross-cultural english business communications.

for students

give your students the ai advantage

our founder is senior lecturer at MA
and MBA levels on marketing and
communications topics

elevate your business curriculum with ccoach's tailored ai chatbot, a collaborative tool developed with Europe's top business schools and packed with 3x more marketing knowledge than the free versions of chat gpt 3.5.

immerse your students in the world of modern marketing with an always-on super smart tutor, enriched by real-world data and customised for your school's unique educational needs.
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